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For over twenty years Aminya has supported people all over the world to connect with the transformative power of love. Drawing on a rich experience of the world’s wisdom traditions, energy medicine, and body-based psychotherapeutic practice, his sessions serve to clear the root of self-sabotaging repetitive cycles of behaviour, dis-ease, stress, tension and contraction, transforming consciousness and freeing the natural flow of life-force energy, leading to greater health, vibrancy, passion, creativity, intimacy and connection, a kind of radical aliveness and capacity to show up with integrity and purpose.

'Aminya's dedication, professionalism, knowledge, and utterly profound intuition as a healer are like nothing I have experienced before. The impact of his work has brought an ease and freedom to my existence that is beyond what I could have imagined.' Sarah Canfield, Therapist.

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Emma is an intuitive business coach & spiritual mentor, she offers a combination of healing arts, intuitive business programs and 1:1 coaching for soul-led entrepreneurs seeking clarity, confidence and mind body business balance. She is deeply connected to the healing powers of nature and intuitive shamanic practices, a true devotee of her own personal inner exploration and outer expansion.

Emma is native to the British Isles and is deeply connected to Celtic wisdom traditions as well as Andean shamanic medicine practices and Reiki. She is a Mesa carrier working with the Rainbow lineage and training with Puma Quispe Singona in Peru. Notes of these ancient teachings can be seen in the ceremonies she performs and her 1:1 sessions. Emma is on a mission to empower and educate her people to confidently weave their own unique brand of magic into the world through healing arts workshops, courses, seminars and her Soul Leadership Mentoring Program.

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As a teacher of angels and alchemy, pioneer of Precious Wisdom and priestess of the divine feminine, Alexandra Wenman is the go-to voice for the cosmically curious. Devoted to normalising the conversation about spirituality and awakening, Alexandra brings the ‘out there’ in here with her down-to-earth approach to channelling higher wisdom, connecting to angels and guides, navigating the dreamscape, accessing our soul records, recognising our true multidimensional birth-right and honouring our divinity.

Acting as a cosmic compass, light-bringer, activator, alchemist, channel and seer, Alexandra facilitates deep healing and transformation in her sessions and workshops by connecting you with your higher self and light guides, giving you access to your soul records, inspiring you to discover your inner magic and lovingly guiding you to a deeper understanding of who you are. A trusted author, speaker, healer, poet and presenter, Alexandra has become a go-to expert and wise woman in a world that is waking up quicker than ever before.

Previously editor of Prediction, a national holistic magazine, articles by and about Alexandra have appeared in Spirit & Destiny, Natural Health, NOW, Women’s Weekly, Chat It’s Fate and Kindred Spirit magazines. Her collections of poetry Poems of Precious Wisdom and The Poetry of Light are out now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Alexandra has previously co-authored 21 Rituals To Connect With Nature by Theresa Cheung (Watkins), and has written for Jenny Smedley’s A Year With The Angels (Hay House), Starting a Spiritual Business by Charlotte Anne Edwards (John Hunt) and Amazon bestselling anthology Thresholds – 75 stories of How Changing Your Perspective Can Change Your Life.

Alexandra’s first card deck Archangel Fire Oracle (Findhorn / Inner Traditions) is out in April 2021.

For free guidance and expert interviews, watch The Alexandra Wenman Show on YouTube.

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