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“Wonderment has given me a unique and loving space to escape from my everyday tension, anxiety and duties as a mother of 3 in this difficult time. Thank you Chris, for giving me the keys to create my own sanctuary, hidden in the basement away from it all, embracing new techniques, feeling fearless yet vulnerable, able to use less time to dig deeper because you so easily set the tone for discovery. How lovely to heal and learn in this collective space. To stretch, breathe, listen, dance and move deeper into truths that I already knew, discoveries I needed to make and peacefulness I knew I deserved.”


"I came to Wonderment retreat this summer with my mum, and we both had such a beautiful time. It was so well organised, the food was so wholesome, and all the individual workshops and classes were so inspiring. The woods were absolutely stunning.  A great weekend that left us feeling uplifted and ready to take on the stresses and strains of 2020"


"Wonderment is an incredibly special, magical and intimate retreat. The energy and vibe of the festival is so beautiful, it feels like a tribe soul family. There was so much love and attention to detail poured into it, a truly breathe taking, life enriching weekend that will always live on in my heart."


"My time at The Wonderment is so hard to put in to words! I’ve tried to tell anyone who will listen about it all but the energy, the surroundings and the love and connection is hard to describe unless you were actually there, I felt like i left with a whole new outlook on life, a whole new family of beautiful souls and my heart was just full.
From the very start upon arriving we were greeted with warmth and everything was so well organised. The schedule of events was perfectly timed so we could go between the classes with ease and have free time to rest, reflect and connect. The surroundings were just wonderful and so perfect for what the wonderment was all about. The food was the most nourishing and tasty plant based food I’ve ever had, with the added blessings and explanations from Shelby and her team on what the meals represented. Nothing was too much trouble for the team, we were so well cared for. 

Great amenities, entertainment, and just generally good vibes from start to end I feel truly blessed to have a part of it and cannot wait to go back next year and take more friends with me!"


"Thank you Wonderment for an incredible experience and to everyone who made it such a wholesome beautiful collaboration of love, light and wonder! See you next year! "


"Perrfecctt, just perfect. It was absolutely stunning. Thank-you so much for creating, holding, inspiring. All the love and hugs to everyone involved. Deepest reverence and gratitude."


"Thank you so much! The gift I received is still with me ...and I am now finding ways to pass this gift to others...I cannot thank you enough Wonderment"


"This was thee most incredible soulful group sharing experience out in the open fields of wasing Woodland.... absolutely AMAZING!!!"


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